Pyaar se ghabrata h dil

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pyaar se ghabrata h dil..

phir bhi pyaar chahta h dil.

naseeb mein likha h ya nahi..

phir bhi aas dilata h dil.

kamjor bhi kabhi kar deta h to..

phir se jeena bhi sikha deta h dil.

khota bhi bahut h isme insaan..

magar bahut kuch kar leta haasil.

pyaar se ghabrata h dil..

phir bhi pyaar chahta h dil. .



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Nind aksar meri aankho mein rehti h..
Magar khayal sone nahi dete..

Dard aksar mere dil mein dafan h..
Magar haalat palke bhigone nahi dete..

Meri khwahisho ne kai moti h samete.. magar..
Hakikat k talwe unko pirone nahi dete..

Ye kaisi bandishe h, khud pe lapete..
Hum jinse khud ko juda hone nahi dete..


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Shravan Month?

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Shravan Month (July – August) is one of the holiest months in a traditional Hindu calendar. Each region in India considers this month as holy and numerous vrats and rituals are performed during the period. Shravan is the 10th month in a traditional Gujarati calendar and numerous Vrat and rituals are observed in the month. In 2009, Shravan Month in Gujarat begins on July 22 and ends on August 20.
Mondays in Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and devout Hindus perform the Shravan Somvar Vrat and continue it on all Mondays in Sawan. Some people observe it for years on the Shravan month. Usually, Shravan somwar Vrat is observed to get a good husband or for the welfare and long life of husbands and for a peaceful and happy life. Some couples also observe the fasting for saving their sons and daughters from serious diseases.Fasting, pujas and rituals on Saturdays in Shravan month is observed to escape from the bad influence of Lord ShaniVeerpasli is a vrat observed on the first Sunday of Shravan and is continued for next eight days for the welfare of male members in the family.

Is Murali the greatest bowler of all time?

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Muttiah Muralitharan has become the first bowler to take 800 wickets in Test cricket. The highest wicket-taker both in Tests and ODIs, the Sri Lankan cricketer has been hailed by many as the greatest bowler of all time. Way back in 2002, he was rated the greatest Test bowler ever by Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. However, cricket greats like Bishan Bedi, Dean Jones and Adam Gilchrist have called him a chucker. His “doosra” delivery was officially called into question by match referee Chris Broad after a Test against Australia in 2004. His “doosra” became legal only when the International Cricket Council, after an extensive study, changed the rules in 2005 and allowed an elbow extension of up to 15 degrees for all types of bowlers. Bedi, perhaps the most vocal critic of Murali’s bowling action, has likened it to a javelin throw; Murali recently threatened to sue him. Is Murali the greatest bowler of all time?

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