Shiv Shankhar

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Lord Shiva and his birth

According to hindu mythology lord shiva is the destroyer in the main three supreme god. There are three supreme gods 1st one is Lord Shiva, Second one is Brahma and third one Vishnu. Lord shiva is the destroyer and also have a positive side in that destruction usual leads to new forms of existence. Lord shiva is described in art with four hand, four faces and three eyes. The third eye always keep this power to destroy the creation, not only creation including gods and humans. In the Vedas, a collection of ancient sacred texts, lord shiva is identified with the storm god Rudra.

Sanwaliyaji ka teen divsiy jaljulni akadashi mela

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Sanwaliyaji ka teen divsiy jaljulni akadashi mela Sanwaliyaji m jaljulni akadashi ka mela bahut utsaah k saath bhadra sukalh paksh ki dashm, gyaras or baras ko manaya jata hai. Es akadashi k male per bhagvaan ko jal m julane k liye rajat rath per bhagvaan ki shobhayatra nikali jati hai. Sanwaliya seth k vishaal male m rath yatra, jakiya or sanskrtik program ka aayojan hota hai. Sanwaliyaji bhadsoda choraha per baghund k shree sanwaliyaji k prakatya sathal mandir m male ka ayojan bhagvaan ki shobhayatra k saath sharu hoga.

Is Murali the greatest bowler of all time?

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Muttiah Muralitharan has become the first bowler to take 800 wickets in Test cricket. The highest wicket-taker both in Tests and ODIs, the Sri Lankan cricketer has been hailed by many as the greatest bowler of all time. Way back in 2002, he was rated the greatest Test bowler ever by Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. However, cricket greats like Bishan Bedi, Dean Jones and Adam Gilchrist have called him a chucker. His “doosra” delivery was officially called into question by match referee Chris Broad after a Test against Australia in 2004. His “doosra” became legal only when the International Cricket Council, after an extensive study, changed the rules in 2005 and allowed an elbow extension of up to 15 degrees for all types of bowlers. Bedi, perhaps the most vocal critic of Murali’s bowling action, has likened it to a javelin throw; Murali recently threatened to sue him. Is Murali the greatest bowler of all time?